Role of medical marijuana consulting in Canada

Canadian law enforcement clearly states marijuana as an illegal drug, however with the exception of prescription use. In the year 2000, Canadian court recognized some medical benefits of marijuana and declared it legal for necessary patients. Medical centers specialized in treating patients who are in requirement of this drug are the only source to get legal marijuana of limited quantity. There are many agencies or firms of medical marijuana consulting in Canada to take care of the patients who need marijuana as a medical supplement.

Consulting for MMPR

Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) in Canada previously prevented the use of marijuana only to its powdered form. Recent advancements in courts of Canada made sure every form of this drug can be used medical purposes. When consulting for MMPR it is the individual’s responsibility to understand present stand of the government on marijuana. Marijuana doctors and medical marijuana consulting firms provide this information for benefit of the patient. The use of marijuana as a healing agent is not confined to minority but it fascinatingly covers almost all major health conditions which are conveniently categorized by medical marijuana doctors.

Some of the major health conditions for which marijuana can be prescribed are:

” Cancer
” Depression
” Insomnia
” Joint inflammation
” Epilepsy
” Arthritis

Many ailments add to the above mentioned health conditions. MMPR is a new and replaced version of MMAR which made it further difficult to procure medical acceptance for marijuana. However, several exceptions are made for patients who were previously licensed through MMAR.

Consulting for MMAR

The Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) was modified on March 2014 to accommodate the rules of MMPR. This was designed to precisely indicate the ways and means to possess and acquire legal marijuana in Canada. The following are the primary intentions of MMAR:

” Ways to procure marijuana seeds and its dried form.
” To act as license producers for interested commercial growers.
” To provide authorization for an individual to possess marijuana.

When consulting for MMAR the client must before hand understand the regulations and if the information is not readily available, the best option is to approach medical marijuana consulting firm. These agencies are experienced and well versed about the rules and regulations of marijuana. If an individual already claims to have a MMAR license then he or she can buy or produce the drug as per the information provided in the license, even if the license expires as the conflict about MMAR regulations is still being resolved in Canadian courts.

Medical marijuana consulting

Though having many adverse effects marijuana is still considered useful as a medical substance. Many doctors suggest this drug for their patients. This is the only reason Canada is still resilient on the usage of marijuana- legally. Canadian federal department Health Canada acts as middlemen to provide license and approval for the usage of cannabis. Medical marijuana consulting firms provide easy access to the mainframe of Health Canada enabling quick results.


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