Otters of Shetland

Otters in Shetland are certainly one of the most admired wildlife attractions. Understanding the ecosystem and behavior of the topic well and with assistance to the top locations, at the best times and providing suggestion on latest methods offers the chance to shoot more than regular portrait shots and discover both the behavior of the creature and the creativeness of photography.

The Shetland Photo Tours aim to provide you a personal experience with the wonderful and stunning wild wonders of Shetland. Shetland is one of the top places in the UK for Otter photography. In Shetland otters hunt during the day and Shetland has the maximum number of otters in Europe and perhaps one of the top researched populations in the UK. This only makes it one of the top locations in Europe to witness otters. Actually Shetland is the top place in the UK to photograph otters due to the amount of otters living along the seashore, mostly several family groups. The seashores are even brilliant for Shetland photography.

Otter photography Shetland has been very popular in demand from photographers. Photographers have a fascination with Shetland otters, spending a lot of time each year chasing and photographing this fascinating animal. Shetland Nature Photography is famous during the day and with my close knowledge of Shetland otters and their surroundings almost ensures encounters with this appealing mammal each day.

There are few of Shetland Wildlife most iconic and reminiscent specialty types however that have actually tantalized me and above all especially so over recent years, from a Shetland Wildlife Photography viewpoint. With few of these species, together with their iconic status, comes a great challenge to Shetland Photography Holidays, whether it is through licensing and protection and or elusive or shy behavior.

Shetland puffins are one of the most lovable, and much loved of our Shetland seabirds, however we just watch the puffins every year for a short phase of their lives. The Shetland landscape photography is indeed a rare experience. Those who come to watch the famous buildings and places, the wildlife and nature, the amazing Shetland gannets watching opportunity, and so much more, swearing that they will come back again.

Discover Stunning pictures of Shetland Otters Gannets Puffins. Otters in Shetland are fascinating loveable mammals, full of character and appealing behavior. Every summer more than a billion Shetland seabirds visit Shetland to breed on the rocky shoreline, generating one of wildlife spectacles of Shetland.
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