Living the Dream

Many generations back, living the dream meant the American dream, but now that vision is changing to a global dream as more and more United States’ citizens are dreaming of an expat’s life on a slow beach somewhere south of the border. When looking south, Mexico has been a popular choice for nearly a decade and is becoming overrun with expat communities and retirees. Now people are looking further south, to Central America! Many countries within this narrow stretch are getting attention, but not more than Costa Rica. Located between Nicaragua and Panama, this coastal rich country has become the next dream.

When choosing to uproot your life and move to a foreign country, you want to look for several things before packing your bags. One of the most obvious is what town to relocate to. There are many in Costa Rica like Malpais, Santa Teresa, Manzanillo, ReservaConchal, and all around San Jose. Now the question becomes coastline or inland. Things to consider are weather preferences and most importantly accessibility. The further south you go, the more likely coastal towns are remote and less modern than the cities inland. This is not always the case, but it is the majority.

If you’ve spent a lifetime in a modern city, relaxing in a surf town or fishing village could be exactly the dream you want to create. Now consider Pacific or Caribbean side. The Pacific is known for bigger waves creating more options for water sports like surfing and kite boarding. The Caribbean boasts clear azure waters and better dive options. If ocean is ocean to you, then start looking at towns more closely and find the perfect blend of hammocks and internet connection. Rustic may sound like a great vacation, but keep in mind you’re relocating. Long term investments such as a new home or a vacation beach house need to be in the right place for you and your family.

There are a thousand things to think about when choosing your dream spot like medical care, banking, language barriers, political, social and cultural caveats, food, technology, transportation, weather, etc. Once you’ve finally nailed down every little detail, you have to start your real estate search. Luckily, in Costa Rica a tourist or native have the same rights to buy property, but that doesn’t mean it’s all above board and simple. There are a ton of properties listed for sale by owner, but this can be very problematic if the land doesn’t have the right title in the registry. Before you jump in with both feet, consider looking through a reputable company like Sotheby’s International for a home that can be titled properly and not cost you years of hassle and grief.

Find your ideal town in their property listings and start perusing through future homes within the comfort of your current one. Research and preparation are truly the first two steps to following your vacation or retirement dreams.
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