Know When to Call for Washing Machine Repair

Sometimes it’s easy to know when you need to call the Appliance Doctor for washing machine repairs, but people will sometimes let smaller issues slip by without taking any action. It’s easy to do when the machine is still working more or less as it should, but leaving a smaller problem can allow it to turn into a larger one, and that is scarcely going to work out well. Here are just a few situations that should prompt to a call to the Appliance Doctor

Contact the Appliance Doctor for NYC Washing Machine Repair

One of the most common problems that your washing machine will present you with is water inside the drum at the end of a cycle. The amount of water might seem minimal, but any puddles left over mean that there is a problem, and they’ll also leave a damp patch against the clothes pressed to the bottom of the drum. It’s a problem that can be caused by numerous factors, but a clogged drain line is often the answer. In any case, a repair technician should take a look before the problem gets worse.

Alternatively, you might notice that not enough water is entering the drum to begin with. This will clearly have an impact on your washer’s ability to get your whites looking their whitest, so it’s best to call the Appliance Doctor if water isn’t getting through. This will usually be caused by a broken valve; that’s something that will be tricky for you to repair by yourself, but a professional technician will be able to take care of the issue with ease.

Owners could also find that their washing machine is beginning to make loud sounds when operating. This can often be due to a heavy or uneven load, so try remedying that issue before you call a technician in to help. If that doesn’t sort the problem, your drum fasteners could have become loose. If so, you’ll want to call a professional; ignoring the issue will cause additional damage over time as the drum becomes looser and looser.

The Appliance Doctor is Experienced When It Comes to Washing Machine Repair

Finally, make sure you check that your washing machine is spinning during each cycle. If this isn’t happening, you’ll probably find that the belt which connects the drum to the motor has either slipped or broken. A technician will be able to open the washer, locate the belt, and fix the problem. No matter the problem you encounter, the team over at the Appliance Doctor will be able to deliver assistance. They keep an entire fleet of repair vans on call to ensure that they can reach every corner of NYC as soon as possible, often on the very same day that a person gets in contact, and their repair technicians boast years of experience. If any of the problems described above reveal themselves, just give the Appliance Doctor a call.
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