Discover the white Camiguin Island

White Island is an unpopulated white sandbar situated around 1.5 Kms off the north shore of Mambajao in the Philippines in the volcanic island of Camiguin. The island is usually rabbit’s foot shaped, even though the tides continuously reshape and resize its correct form. There is no shelter or any type of trees, and it is serene exclusively of white sand. There are many Camiguin hotel nearby the beach.

The island gives a panoramic picture of old Volcano Mt. Hibok-Hibok as its background. The charming camiguin island is best for snorkelling, sunbathing, swimming, and viewing the sunset and sunrise over Camiguin. White Island charms hundreds of travellers each year. The island can be approached from Brgy Yumbing or Brgy Agohor in Mambajao which is around 5 to 6 kilometres from town center or west of the poblacion. Small yacht can be rented from paras beach resort which is facing the island

From either Mindanao or Visayas best camiguin resort is accessible by both water and air. Camiguin is just 35 minutes by air from Cebu International Airport of Mactan, schedule of flights – Cebu-Camiguin vice-versa, each Fridays, Mondays, and Wednesdays. Ferry is another option from Cebu to Camiguin that tours once a week and takes around 12 hours.

There are on a daily basis flights from De Oro City’s Lumbia Airport from Manila to Cagayan. Jeepney ride will drop you to Agora Bus Terminal from the airport, and then take a bus travelling to Misamis Oriental Balingoan, a coastal township which serves as an entry gate to camiguin mountain resort. To cross the port of Benoni it takes an hour or 40 minutes to reach towards the port of Guinsiliban. There is even on a daily basis catamaran which plies the CDO-Camiguin route from Cagayan De Oro. On daily basis from Bohol, Camiguin to Tagblaran, and vise versa the same ferry travels.

There are several types of private and public transportation available in the Camiguin trekking resort. One simply has to notify your host regarding your requirement. The most common kind of transfer Vans are tricycles (motorellas), multicabs, jeepneys, (small jeepneys), and motorbikes available. Lot of adventurous activities such as Camiguin dive is carried out on the beach.

Apart from the aforementioned ways of reaching Camiguin, a ferry even offers the Camiguin to Bohol and vice-versa route every day, particularly 7:00 o’clock in the morning from Camiguin and 12:00 o’clock in the daylight from Bohol. Reaching to camiguin island and Mantigue island is even made very suitable with the accessibility of numerous motorized boats. One can organize for a personal charter or can go directly to pre-known coastal regions where these boats assemble.
For more informations Camiguin trekking resort, visit : Camiguin dive.


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