How to stay motivated and continue exercising?

It is not only important to decide to exercise, it is important to do it continuously. With your motivation will always be on a high level. Motivation is always number one when it comes to keep exercising in order to reach the desired results. With the right program and the right fitness trainer you can get your body in a great shape. Even though you have passed the most difficult stage called “Tomorrow I begin to exercise” and you have started to exercise, then it means you’re on the right track. However that does not guarantee success because desired results are obtained only with endurance, perseverance and determination to continue the exercise. In addition there are some tips to survive and continue to exercise even when you have critical moments.


Your actions should be continuously associated with movement and not just in the hours dedicated to exercise. The constant movement and walking, daily strengthens and guarantees better results on the fitness program that you have decided to work on.

Exercising in the morning

Many people who exercise for years, are doing their exercises in the morning. Exercise in the morning is recommended for several reasons. First, it will be your first task outlined in the day and it will be less likely to skip it. Later in the day you may be exhausted and it is possible to cancel the fitness session. In addition, exercise stimulates the hormone of happiness, and so it is a guarantee for a nice and filled day.

Food is your ally

Do not let your diet to be an obstacle to achieve your desired goals and know that fitness exerciseswill not have the best effect if your diet is not good. Avoid all kinds of fizzy drinks and alcohol, drink water and tea and consume unprocessed seasonal food. Eat smaller portions several times a day and eat slowly. In the mornings drink lemon juice to cleanse and increase your immunity. Find healthy substitute for your favorite high-calorie foods.

Make fitness exercises a fun activity

Find a fitness program that you will not become bored of after the first workout. The best programs are those that offer a variety of different exercises and routines. Bring your friend as a company because exercise should be fun and besides, it is good for giving mutual support.

Motivate yourself

This sounds easier said than done, but be persistent. If after the first month you do not feel better, maybe that is not the right program for you. Keep a diary or calendar, be organized and write your results down. After a while you will notice that your achievements will help to motivate yourself. Bad way of motivating is the comparison with others, it can often cause resentment. Instead, compete with yourself and make an effort to move your limits of enduranceeach day. The way out of the comfort zone means progress.


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