A painful ending or a new beginning?

For many people the end of the marriage is like the end of the world when they go through a period of terrible emotional stages of anxiety, sadness, depression, anger. niroom and family law is a company that offers legal services. There are several phases and reactions that show signs of the condition before and during the divorce. What you need to do is learn how to recognize them and continue.

Phase 1Tension before the final kick

Quarrels and tensions before divorce are common which is often due to problems at work, lack of money and so on. Until the situation becomes so serious and you mention a divorce lawyer to your partner, because of the fights. Then you realize that it’s necessary to find a solution or just begin to face the problem if there is no other solution that can save the marriage. Psychologists explain that the spouses often have a desire to justify their difficult problems in the marriage with a “difficult phase” after which things will only get worse. This phase is actually an illusion that prevents the spouses to recognize problems in the right way and accept the way they are.

Phase 2A lack of belief in yourself

After the divorce the reviewing of your own choice is the next phase. You begin to blame yourself for choose the wrong person, become ashamed and lose confidence. You even accuse yourself that the failed marriage is because of your fault. If the partner asks for a divorce, then you feel like a loser and worthless person who is not good enough to be part of that marriage.

Phase 3Anger becomes your soul food

The feeling of anger and resentment directed towards your partner enters into all areas of your life. After the first year of divorcing spouses feel bitterness and anger which is bigger than the one that existed in the last months of your marriage. Then it usually increases after dispute on the division of property and custody of children. It is important to point out the clear psychological need of the spouses to maintain confidence after a failed marriage.

Phase 4Feeling relieved

After some time, regardless of the anger and sadness that you have experienced, you slowly emerge a sense of relief. How fast it will occur primarily depends on the degree of harmony in the marriage. If the marriage lasted a long time successfully, the relief will occur later. On the other hand, in a marriage which is characterized by destruction or aggression of one spouse, the relief will occur immediately after the divorce.

Stage 5Feeling empty, alone

If you were previously accustomed to doing things in pairs you can think about the importance of restoringyour identity and autonomy, to know how to think and enjoy doing things by yourself. Changing friends, places and events should be the next thing you need to do. What needs to give you strength and confidence after a divorce, is that you’ve certainly learned many lessons and know exactly what you want in your life. You have enough experience to find the right person.


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