Children and divorce

Divorce is certainly one of the most dramatic events in the life of the family and every divorce law firms Toronto is aware of that. No matter how good or bad the marriage was, the reason still leaves a deep mark and spouses need a long recovering from the stress. Although it may seem to you that you are the saddestpersonin the world, there is someone who suffers about your divorce much more than you, and that is your child. Many psychologists believe that the childrenshould not be the reason to stay married. Rather, bad marriage will have a much more negative effect than divorce, because the child will certainly notice that something strange is happening. It is required the child to be prepared for this new situation.

The child always comes first

When it comes to divorce, parents are often feeling guilty and trying to think of somestories to tell their children, in order to make them understand. But if you want your childrento be honest with you in the future, then you must be honest with them too. If you and your partner are two reasonable human beings who think that solution can be found only through a divorce, make sure the to tell your child. The conversation with the child has to be done by both, either together or separately. If you choose the second option, then your stories must match in order not to confuse and hurt your child even more. Knowing your child, you can imagine what questions would follow when you mention the divorce.Prepare adequate answers to match.

Do not be selfish

Even if your partner has done something horrible, hold the anger to yourself. Because the child does not need have negative feelings for the other parent. The child needs to know that the decision was mutual and that you will stay his/her parents forever. Most of the times children see themselves as the reason for the divorce of their parents. Given that children are stubborn, you should be persistent in wanting to convince them that there is no reason to feel that way. Explain that your love for them cannot disappear even if you and the other parent cannot be together anymore.

Life goes on

Explain in details what changes the child should await, where and who will live with, how often he/she will see the other parent. No matter where the child stays, both parents must give immense attention and have an understanding of the child’s feelings. Never neglect the children, no matter how hard you feel. Their well – being and their real education must always be on your mind. In addition, you will feel better even for a moment if you forget the sorrow when you see your children smile. To provide a proper care for your child it does not mean that you have to spoil him/her. You do not need to neglect the school obligations, nor should you allow them to do what they want in order not to feel bad because the label “child of divorced parents” will be mentioned.You need to be friend with your kid and show them the right path.


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