How to study more effectively

Are you planning to get in a private career college course in etobicoke?Good, you are on the right track. Learning new things is always a big plus.

Rapid reading is a useful skill

This fact is quite simple – read quickly, faster and learn. Although learning fast reading with comprehension is not the simplest thing in the world, but it is still possible, if the trained brain learns to process words faster, you can remember what you have read and studied. If you exercise quick connection of words and sentences, it will significantly speed up reading because every word you read and processed separately, slows the learning process.

Exercise is the key to successful learning

A strong work ethic can have a big impact on your brain, say experts. A survey from 2004 which was published in the scientific magazine “Nature”, found that the brains of the participants in the experiment produced more gray matter when they juggled. When they stopped juggling, the production of the material stopped too.

But the thing was not in juggling, but in repeating the same procedures. Neurologists call this process “pruning”, and it is about certain patterns engraved in our brain when certain actions are repeated again and again, so after a while it leads to making the action natural and easy to perform. If some skills are not practiced enough, it is likely to forget them.

Use existing knowledge to learn what you do not know

Parents should encourage their children to learn things that they do not understand by using what they do understand. Associative learning can help students who for example have a problem with math, but are good at playing football. Abstract mathematical concepts need to be explained by using the game, which will help make it easier to learn and understand.

If you cannot remember any data, just look up in a book or on the Internet

There is evidence that the prolonged detention and thinking of something of which we cannot recall can significantly hinder learning and make it more complicated.

In a study conducted in 2008, scientists discovered that when you feel that something is the “tip of the tongue” can lead to a state of “profound mistakes” that can aggravate the reminder of what you really want to remember. Therefore, if during the learning you can’t remember on something even if it sounds familiar to you, allow Google to help you, or search for it in the book.

When you are helping someone to learn, you actually help yourself

When you help other people to learn by using your own words to explain complicated facts you will improve your knowledge related to the subject you work on. This effect is called “the protégé effect”, and the teachers say that it must be applied in studying – which will make the whole process more fun and easier to understand.


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