Your dishwasher does a stellar job of cleaning your dishes and is a real time saver but it has many other purposes that you may not know about. If you’re dishwasher gets clogged or you have any problems contact the Appliance Doctor for repairs all over New York City. Here are 6 things you didn’t know you could put in your dishwasher.

The Appliance Doctor Can Assist with Dishwasher Repairs in Manhattan

Use your dishwasher to keep your baseballs hats clean. If you’ve ever tried putting it through your washing machine it’s likely to have bent out of shape. By popping it in the top rack it will be cleaned whilst maintaining its shape. You could hand wash it, however, the dishwasher saves you time and hassle in Manhattan.

If you’re flip flops look like they need a clean you can also put them in the dishwasher. Sanitize your footwear and keep them looking spotless with your dishwasher. If you run into any problems call the Appliance Doctor.

Discover Quick Dishwasher Repairs in New York City

Range fan grills are grease magnets and can be difficult to clean. Save yourself time and elbow grease and let the dishwasher do all the hard work for you. Remove and stack them in the machine then run a cycle for sparkling range fan grills. It couldn’t be any easier. Residents in Manhattan are always looking for ways to make cleaning simpler and this is one to try.

If you have children or pets you will want to keep their toys clean. Load them onto the top shelf and get rid of the germs. If you don’t properly maintain your dishwasher it can run into problems. Choose the Appliance Doctor to take care of everything.

The Appliance Doctor’s Guide to Using Your Dishwasher

Maintain the cleanliness of some of your beauty products by putting them through a dishwasher cycle. Some of the things you can wash in there include makeup brushes, hairbrushes, combs, eyebrow brush, nail clippers, tweezers, razor, hair ties, toothbrushes and mouth guards. These items are prone to build up so put them in the dishwasher to maintain hygiene. You may not be able to find the time living in NYC to clean them and this way the dishwasher takes care of it for you.

Cleaning items get dirty very quickly and can harbor germs. Toss your duster and sponges in the dishwasher for a sanitizing clean. These items can be washed in your washing machine but by using the dishwasher you don’t have to wait for another load. You can put them in the dishwasher with other items. The Appliance Doctor has all your appliance repair issues covered.

There are many things you can pop in your dishwasher other than dishes. Get the most out of your dishwasher by washing other items in there too. If you should ever have a problem with your dishwasher in NYC the Appliance Doctor is ready to assist.
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