Portrait-Painting.com Review

Being in a relationship for 30 years is hard for many reasons. Many of them quite obvious, but some of them no one really likes to admit. So imagine this – 30 years means 30 birthdays, 30 Christmases, 30 anniversaries, Valentine’s days etc. And that’s a number of presents I can’t even count. That’s scary. Each year you get older, more desperate for new ideas and, unfortunately, less creative. Pretty soon you realize you have done it all – a handmade photo album, a holiday away from the kids, a new mountain bike that has been sitting in the back of the garage for years, and many other things that have either been “accidentally” broken or secretly returned to the store and exchanged for something else.

So one day, one very dark day, I found myself just a month away from yet another anniversary. Don’t get me wrong, I got nothing against the anniversary itself, but just the thought of going through that “gift hunt” one more time gives me chills. But as the good husband that I am, I got to work.

On the third cup of coffee and after so many hours spent online I finally came across a pretty cool website called Portrait-Painting.com. The idea was pretty simple and at the same time so thoughtful and personal. And, thank God, I was saved once again. I was saved by the very talented artists on Portrait-Painting.com who were able to recreate a memory from 31 years ago – the happiest day of my life. The one when I got to my wife.

To be honest I didn’t know what was going to come out of it, simply because the photo that I wanted to be turned into a painting was so old and torn. I could almost feel the perfect gift slipping away from me. But, thankfully, I was assured that the painting will be just as good as if the photo was brand new. The customer service was outstanding. They walked me through the whole process, let me know that I can request free revisions until I was fully satisfied with my painting and I am confident to say that I was completely satisfied with the final product and the delivery time. It was one excellent experience. Somehow I managed to top 30 years of gifts. It was definitely worth every penny. That’s a gift that both me and my wife are going to enjoy for the rest of our lives.

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