Portrait-Painting.com Reviews

My name is Sherry and I am a kindergarten teacher. I don’t have children so I loved the students from my class as my own. I had always tried to create a special bond between us. And I think our relationship was much deeper than just teacher-students, but it was also a relationship between friends and family. We spent every day together so we really felt like one big happy family. Unfortunately this lasted only for a few years before the class had to graduate and each child to go its own way in life. That part is the hardest. I was at the same time so proud of them and excited about what they were going to do from now on, but my heart also ached from the thought of saying “goodbye” for the last time.

Somehow that moment came faster than I expected and, of course, I was far from prepared for it. I walked in the class room to see all the kids waiting for me impatiently, hiding something behind their backs. So I just stood there not knowing what to do. Then a few seconds later two of the students came forward handing me a big beautifully wrapped present. They were all so excited, looking over my shoulder as I was trying to open it without tearing up the wrapping paper. When I finally saw the present I busted into tears. It was the most breathtaking painting of us on a field trip we had taken the previous summer. Every little detail was so lifelike – from the children’s messy hair to the freckles on their faces. Everything was so brilliantly done, so full of life and love. You could feel the happiness just by looking at the painting. It was definitely a work of art!

Later the parents told me that they had ordered the painting from Portrait-Painting.com. And they were so impressed not only by the quality of the art, but also by the great service and the polite and patient staff members.

I was so happy with painting and after hearing how smooth the whole process had been with the ordering, creating and delivery; I can’t wait to get the chance to surprise friends with such an amazing gift or why not spoiling myself with one. Thank you Portrait-Painting.com for the amazing experience! I look forward to ordering from you personally.

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