Douglas Vermeeren on the cover of Soar to Success magazine

Personal development leader Douglas Vermeeren appears on the cover of Soar to Success magazine this month.

Douglas Vermeeren is a recognized leader on leadership, achievement, personal change and creating powerful results. He is the creator of Personal Power Mastery which is quickly becoming one of the most popular training programs for creating greater individual productivity in the corporate and business world, but the program has been making a grey difference in schools too.

Douglas Vermeeren
Douglas Vermeeren

Douglas Vermeeren is currently presenting Personal Power Mastery as a free gift in schools to help students recognize their personal power, make better decisions and recognize their power to achieve. “The program has been making a big difference for students,” Vermeeren explains, “As they begin to understand they have the power to change their results and outcomes they get very excited and take control of their life in a way they never recognized before.”

The same results are appearing among adults who take Vermeeren’s program. Personal Power Mastery is offered to public groups and presented in many private settings as well. The private settings include corporate or business groups, networking marketing companies and groups like real estate, insurance and mortgage agents. The results had been giving participants a significant advantage over their competitor and bringing cohesion and cooperation within organizations.

Douglas Vermeeren discovered and systematized the principles taught in Personal Power Mastery after conducting extensive research into the lives of more than 400 of the top achievers in the world today. The research took the better par tot a decade and is just now coming to light. ABC, NBC and others have referred to Douglas Vermeeren as the modern day Napoleon Hill because elf this groundbreaking work.

Some of the key principles Vermeeren explains are essential to success begin with getting extremely clear about your outcomes, learning how to be more proactive, making effective decisions, problem solving the real problems and more. Vermeeren has several mottos that are tied tot he training. These mottos says Vermeeren are designed to be memorable and pack a punch. Here are a few:

“When a goal is specific and clear it biomes attainable and near.”

“If you own it you can change it”

“Decisions are not decisions unless there is action attached.”

“Make decisions based on where you want to go not where you are.”

“Proactivity required ownership and action.”

While some of these concepts may seem common sense Douglas Vermeeren is quick to point out that the simplicity of many of these concepts is exactly the reason why they are so often overlooked. “Creating Success is simple. It involves picking what you want to do and then developing mastery over that idea everyday.”

Vermeeren further explains the importance of Mastery. “Mastery is important because in life you can either be the slave or the mastery. If you are the mastery of specific habits in your life you will receive the benefits those habits will bring. If you are slave you will receive the challenges associated with being a captive to those habits.”

Douglas Vermeeren is featured on the cover of Soar to Success Magazine this month. In this issue he shares the insights on how to attain personal success and talks about the power of Personal Power Mastery. Take a minute and check it out:



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