Top 10 Best Adult Party Games You Must Have For Your Next Celebration

Your typical house party consists of alcohol, food, telling the kids to go play, and certain people in the party grouping with only who they know closely while filling the air with small talk. Predictable right? Let’s add a spontaneous twist to this get together that’ll have guest looking forward to coming back. Here are the top must have adult party games to peak all interests….


10.) Deck Around, a hilarious game of bluff.

It’s a quick to learn game involving 106 rounds. A slang word is picked and players have to write a definitions of it so convincing that it tricks everyone into believing your answer is the most accurate.

Promising Review: “Really enjoyed the game, it gets ridiculously funny really fast!” -Majid Anwar

Price: [$39.99]

9.) The Electronic Pictionary Man game.

This game is a fuse of Pictionary and Charades. Digital clues are presented on the foot of the character and the player must draw the hint and act it out getting the others to guess the right answer.

Promising Review: “Such a fun game! If you get a group of people together there’s no telling what will happen with this one! We got this for Christmas and it was one of the funniest things we’ve played! We were all in tears laughing so hard by the end. It’s easy to play with simple instructions and there’s no cards or a bunch of pieces to lose.” -SarahG0529

Price: [$22.98]

8.) Know Thy Neighbor, a party game so wrong with no shame.

KTN dares it’s players to unmask themselves with personal facts no one knew about them and uncover what other people know about them. Based on gender, you draw a card from your deck and read it out loud.

The rest of the players must quickly write to reveal what is believed to be closest to the right answer. The first person to correctly answer without going overboard wins the round.

Promising Review: “We have played this game now twice with groups of 4 and 6. The game is a lot of fun but the stories are the best part. My wife and I have learned more than we ever needed to know about our friends but we can’t stop playing! This game is a must for those households that enjoying laughing for hours with their friends.”-C. Leezer

Price: [$25.00]

7.) Intervention, for Everyone’s Worst Habits.

This party game gives you and your friends a chance to secretly reveal your true thoughts about each other through over the top, funny, and all around absurd questions. For example, a question like, “Which of your friends is least likely to be wearing underwear right now?” And the truth is uncovered.

Promising Review: “I was a little hesitant when purchasing Intervention at first, I thought it was just going to be another one of those cheesy knock-offs of “cards against humanity”, but boy was I in for a surprised. These cards are even raunchier!!! Even the game-play of Intervention is completely different and unique. It’s unlike any other card game I’ve ever played. This is one of those games where you’re allowed to throw your friends under the bus and you get to see what your friends really think of you! Get ready for some laughs, tears, and yelling, all in good fun. This is the best game I’ve ever bought and perfect for a night in with some beers and friends. We all had a blast playing Intervention. You’ve got to play this game with an open mind and get ready to think dirty and don’t be afraid to call your friends out. I love Intervention! I’d pick this over the typical cards against humanity.” -Ashlei Khanthaphixay

Price: [$29.00]

6.) Never Have I Ever, a famous drinking game that’s played all over the world.

Instead of coming up with questions, it is already made up for you. This game comes with 358 questions and each one is more racy than the last. It’s entertaining, scandalous and you never know what you’ll learn about your inner circle of friends.

Each cycle, one player rolls the dice and read a sex, drinking or irregular Never Have I Ever sentence out loud, and answers it “honestly.” If he/she is unable to plead the 5th of the statement on the card, then they have to take a drink. If you’re are not guilty, you get to move forward one space. The first player to cross the finish line wins.

Promising Review: “Never Have I Ever, the board game, has been an absolute hit with everyone I’ve introduced it to! From my college friends ranging in ages from early 20’s-to members of my family in their early 50’s, this game is a blast for everyone! Never Have I Ever enables you to get to know everyone in the room on a whole new level…maybe a little more than you wanted to know. The questions are well thought out, and hysterical, and they allow you to reminiscence on the good times and laugh about some possibly embarrassing ones!” -Leah

Price: [$21.99]
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