Creinshaw Jones Raleigh

Mr. Crenshaw Jones is a native North Carolinian who has a strong interest in serving others and the community. He served our country in the United States Marine Corps for over 14 years. Mr. Jones was stationed in Kailua Bay, Hawaii working in his enlisted field as a military police officer, MOS 5800. He served our county for 8 years active duty and then 6 years as reserve a total of 14 years where he achieved a rank of E6, a Staff Sergeant. In addition he was an active boxer in the United States Marine Corp boxing team while stationed in Camp Lejune, North Carolina. He boxed for the United States representing our service men and women while fighting throughout the United States and other countries. Mr.Creainshaw Jones Raleigh NC even won a national title for light heavyweight in the Police Athletic championship.

Mr. Jones received his undergraduate degree from the University of Hawaii and his Master’s degree in Child Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.His love for helping youth started while working in his local church youth group. His passion for helping young people and for boxing has merged into unique boxing clinics for boys and girls of all ages. These free no obligation classes focus on mental health, physical strength, anti-bullying and combating childhood obesity. By teaching skills of discipline and self-awareness, Coach Creinshaw Jones Raleigh NC is building confidence and resiliency in his students.Donations of equipment are always welcome as Coach Jones works to build up his program.

Crenshaw Jones also has a strong desire for helping those that may be going through hard and difficult times in their lives. He is active in helping veterans who are disabled apply for medical coverage through the Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital in Durham, North Carolina. We hear so many discouraging stories of veterans not receiving the benefits they deserve so it has become Crenshaw Jones’ mission to help our returning men and woman obtain benefits. Benefits that can be crucial in helping them transition back to civilian life so they can continue to live an active full life. He loves to give back to the community and has served and worked in the homeless shelters in Washington D.C and here in North Carolina. He volunteers his time to orchestra meals, find housing or drug and mental health services for the homeless. He especially loves to help those young people that are disabled veteransturn their lives around. Mr. Creainshaw Jones Raleigh NC now lives in Wake County and has been here for over the last 12 years now. You can meet up with Creainshaw pretty much anytime of the week as he works out with boxing aerobics in Raleigh North Carolina or he will been available helping other vets obtain medical benefits in Durham North Carolina as he is often seen at Durham VA Medical Center. His loves to help out is a passion he has since a child. A true role model for a younger generation that is lacking guidance in discipline and courage .
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