I know you are reading this piece because you are keen on finding out the significance of the father-daughter dance, and what exactly makes it special. I am however glad that you are on the right path for choosing to read this article. Here, I would not fail to delineate my humongous personal experience as a father of three daughters and I am sure that you would, one way or the other, agree with my points of view.

Having been in the entertainment business for over 30 years now, if there is one tangible thing I have learned, it is assuredly the fact that there’s no dance that can be compared to that of the father-daughter dance. You may argue this if you like. In fact, you may try to juxtapose it with the Mother-Daughter dance, but it still wouldn’t change the fact from being the fact.

Even though the Bride and Groom dance gets all the glory because they both dance to the first song, however, the father-daughter dance symbolizes varieties of things that many people have never understood. I am however opined that it takes being a father to really fathom these things.

The father-daughter dance does not only symbolize womanhood, it also depicts the father’s acknowledgment of a new man in her daughter’s life, being choice less about letting go, and their last dance as she spreads her wings and starts her own family. As she starts her own journey, cutting the proverbial cord!

Leading up to this moment, the bride and the father have been thinking about this special day for many years. The bride has been dreaming of finding the love of her life, getting married and building a family of her own. On the other hand, the father has expended his life loving, protecting, teaching, consoling, and treating every little bruises. For a father, letting go of a daughter can be scary as much as it is emotional. Saddening as much as is it exciting.

I for one have three daughters who are different in characters and attributes, but funnily, my feeling is the same for each of them. Raising a daughter is so different from raising a little boy to becoming a man. Men like myself are sometimes not equipped to deal with the emotions of a young girl or woman. I found myself softening up and being more patient because of my daughters. In contrast to raising a son, I also realized that there were many more sleepless nights involved in raising a daughter.

I know you must be imagining what could be the cause of extra sleepless nights, think no further, here are a few examples of emotional stresses dads go through.

The first time most fathers cry is when their child is born. Mothers are however the softer touch and Dads are the protectors. On the daughter’s first day at the kindergarten, Moms bawl their eyes out while Dads are just there to comfort his wife and tell his daughter that it’s going to be a great day. Nonetheless, it does not annul the fact that Dads are torn up inside as Moms, we just veil it up because we are believed to be stronger. The strong shoulders men are imbued with are meant for carrying every burden and bearing any weight. A father’s heart is huge, but quite weak and fragile on the inside.

The first dance is so scary for the father because he as a plethora of thoughts streaming through his mind. Will the boy who takes his daughter to the dance be respectful? Will he try to kiss her? Will this be all she dreams of or she’s going to return home upset?

Dads who truly care about their daughter’s well being keep these questions inside and try as much as possible to be strong on the outside. Dads are like mirrors, what your daughters see when they look at you goes a long way in deciphering how happy or sad they would be.

Nonetheless, if only a Dad could read her daughter’s mind, he would not only be driven nuts by the complexity of her daughter’s emotions, he would also be able to curb unnecessary fights. When a daughter rolls her eyes, it always drives a Dad nuts, but after several times, a Dad learns to pick when to react, just like mature wrestler learn to pick battles.

Also, A Dad learns that kids yell only because they haven’t learnt how to communicate yet. Not until the puberty/adolescence stage is reached, thinking that the kid knows it all is quite wrong.

I could go on and on, but the fact that you are reading this signifies that you want to know how important the father-daughter dance is to a dad.

A dance with the daughter is everything to a father. I personally see it as a special moment with my little girl. In the eyes of a father, the image of that little girl is forever stuck to the mind and that’s why we often refer to that grown daughter of ours as “my little girl.”

So, before I finally let my little girl go into the arms of another man, whom I’m passing each and every of my responsibility to; the 5 minutes dance I get with her is very crucial and means a lot to me. It’s not easy for a father at all, it’s painstaking. In fact, I have seen many men crumple in a daughter’s arms, with tears of joy which is not only shed because of the farewell greetings being exchanged, but for how far the little girl have come and the extent of her accomplishments.

I wrote a song for my daughters and I hope you can spare a moment to listen to it. This song is everything to me as a Dad. It’s a reality of everything that transpires in the father and daughter relationship. Life isn’t perfect, but the good memories make it fabulous. There is nothing like being a father to your Daughter. It’s the greatest privilege I have ever had. It’s the best prize life has ever bestowed unto me.

The title of my song is “Real Love.” I wrote this song because I know how hard being a dad is. Through the ups and downs, I hope the song touches your heart whenever you listen to it. I hope it makes you realize that your sacrifice weren’t in vain.

PS: If you’re truly touched by this song, I would love to hear from you. I hope we can share this blossom memory together. You can send me a private message. You can also send me a picture or video of your Father-Daughter dance. Don’t forget to involve you Father when choosing a song, he may just have one picked out.

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Wish you the very best in every of your endeavors.

Warm Regards,

Your friend and Father, Rowdy Cain

This post is dedicated to my Daughter Skyler.

May all these words of love that I have written shall come to pass.


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