Elizabeth Bourgeret announces her Leading With Love Tour and is out to Revolutionize the standard Book Tour

The following is the transcript of the Linn Welby podcast aired March 8, 2017

Linn Welby: On the line with me today is best-selling author, Elizabeth Bourgeret. She is an amazing author, relationship coach and speaker… She has made her rise to recognition with her work with teens and now she is helping people define and find more love in their lives through her Leading With Love series. Her latest book is Love Begins With You and she is taking it on an East Coast tour for 2017. But she says she intends to make the most out of each stop.

Okay, Ms. Bourgeret, let’s cut to the chase- So, what’s so different about this book tour than other authors that have gone before you?

Elizabeth Bourgeret: (laughs) First, thank you so much for having me, and I’m so glad you asked! This tour is going to be different because there is so much going on!! I wanted it to be so much more than stopping at different book stores and spending 2.7 minutes with my readers. I really want to get involved! Meet the people! See the cities!

So, for every city we stop in (or as many as we can), there will be the book signings, but there will also be my Leading With Love workshop, book parties, library readings, cause I love the kids, and I’ll also be blogging about the local entrapments… the food, the sights… the history… I really want to be able to connect with the people!

LW: Okay, Whoa, whoa, whoa…. you weren’t kidding! This IS going to be different! Let’s break it down… you said, workshops?

EB: Yes! (laughs) My latest book, Love Begins With You is actually FROM the Leading With Love Workshop. There are seven components to the workshop and I’m writing a book to coincide with each component. All based around our relationships and living happy.

LW: Living happy? Interesting. We could all use that.

EB: Exactly!

LW: Okay, so what are the… book parties?

EB: Ah, yes… the 100 Club.

LW: 100 Club? Sounds impressive…

EB: I have a personal goal, that I’d like to meet with 100 Book Clubs by the end of the year. Either live, in person in the city that I’d be in or, by Skype. I’d be available to answer questions, autograph books… things like that… Sounds fun, right?

LW: Right. And the food… don’t forget the food.

EB: (laughs) Right!! Book clubs have the best snacks!!

But I was thinking, what if people weren’t involved with a regularly meeting book club, how could they participate? So, my clever team and I came up with the Book Parties. And they are structured similarly to the other “home” parties that are out there. So, there are free gifts, games, discounts and bonuses for whomever hosts the event. I just wanted it to be an excuse for friends to gather, talk about some great books and

LW: … have snacks!

EB: … and have snacks.

LW: And you’re going to do all this while you’re traveling? How long will you be in each city?

EB: Well, it varies, depending on the pull I have there, my audience base and what-not. But I keep everyone updated as to where I’m going next on Facebook and Instagram, and if they are within a 60 mile radius of where I am hosting a Leading With Love Workshop, I can come in person and the party ensues. If they are too far for me to travel too, then we Skype and the party ensues. Everyone has fun, and gets new reading material and I post our escapades on Facebook. Hopefully, by December of 2017, I’ll have reached 100 book clubs or book parties.

LW: How many books have you written?

EB: Love Begins With You is #5.

LW: Oh, wow! Are they all the same genre?

EB: Actually, no… I have a historical fiction, Captive Heart. Two contemporary fiction and two non-fiction. And there’s a leading with love Gratitude Journal, and another fiction and non-fiction on deck to be released this year.

LW: You must work a lot. You are one busy lady!

EB: I am, Linn. I am. (laughs) But it’s amazing… once you find your purpose and are living it, it doesn’t feel like work. I’m just doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

LW: And what is that, do you think?

EB: (pause) I think… my purpose is to heal connections and relationships and to show others hos to be happy and find their purpose. We are so hard on ourselves. If we could only look at the world and ourselves with eyes of love, it would change the perspective. I am fortunate to be able to help people in many different ways through my books and workshops.

LW: Well said. You have been a charming guest. Beautiful on the inside and the outside.

EB: Thank you, Linn… you are very kind.

LW: So, how can we find out more about this tour?

EB: Well, the easiest way is to go to my website. http://www.elizabethbourgeret.com

LW: And how about the Leading With Love Workshops? How can we sign up for those?

And the Book Parties? I want to “book” a party when you get to my city.

EB: (laughs) Then, we need to make that happen! Everything you need should be on the website. If not, you can reach out to me from the Contact page, and we can get you all the details you need.

LW: And social media?

EB: Oh, yes! I love when people connect with me! I can be found mostly on Facebook or on Instagram.

LW: Well, hopefully, we’ll all see a lot more of Elizabeth Bourgeret on your Leading With Love 2017 tour. I’m happy for you.

EB: Thank you. I am super excited. There is so much of this amazing country I haven’t gotten to see! I am so blessed to be able to have this up close and personal view of so many great states!

LW: I can tell you are going to have a great time. So what comes after the 2017 Leading With Love Tour?

EB: Oh, I am going to have such a great time! And, once the East Coast tour is complete, I’d be so honored if I can keep going to the West Coast! And the everything in the middle!!

LW: (laughs) And then?

EB: Australia!

LW: (laughs) I admire your passion, Elizabeth Bourgeret.

EB: I do have big dreams…

LW: And I have no doubt that you’ll see every one of them.

EB: That’s the plan… and I do appreciate your confidence in me. (laughs)

LW: Well, thank you for joining me today. I am sincerely looking forward to following your journey.

EB: I thank you and appreciate your support.

LW: You’re going to do great things, Elizabeth Bourgeret
To find out more information on Elizabeth Bourgeret, her Leading With Love Tour, requesting her to come to your book store, library or speaking engagement or to be a stop in the 100 Club, please visit her website: http://www.elizabethbourgeret.com

You can follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/EBourgeret/

Or on Instagram at www.instagram.com/ebourgeret/


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