Why you need NEW Mattress Topper



Fluffy Soft Mattress Topper – Heavy filled 900GSM.

Luxurious fluffy mattress topper 900gsm is made in two variants with extra fill 900GSM filled with slick finish hollowfibre and luxurious Microfibre cover & 5 cm double walled piped gusset

Why you need Mattress Topper:- ( Make old Mattress look New )

If your mattress is uncomfortable to sleep on, rather than buying a completely new mattress, a mattress topper can make an old lumpy mattress feel brand new as it offers a new layer of comfort. However if your mattress has a dip in it, meaning the filling is damaged, a mattress topper would just sink in to the dip, therefore providing no improvement.

If you want to increase the longevity of your mattress than fluffy soft mattress is really good for you, a mattress topper can help to do this due to it being able to absorb spills and take stains adding an extra layer of protection to the bed to prevent the mattress itself from being damaged. Mattress toppers are also much easier to clean or replace, which therefore keeps your mattress clean and much more hygienic.



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