Locked Keys In Car Here Are Some Quick DIY Tips

Getting locked out of your car can be a very frustrating experience, regardless of whether you left your car keys inside with the engine running, lost your car keys, or simply having damaged them in one way or another. The next time you leave your keys in the car, do not panic. Here are some ideas that might just help you out of the jam without suffering from heart palpitations.

Carry a spare key with you always

Now this is a no-brainer. Just like how some of us are paranoid enough to tote around a spare set of house keys, why not do the same with your car? The addition of a key to your keychain is not going to bog you down, and with many modern cars these days offering a keyless entry system, it is also fashionable to stash that extra key fob in your notebook bag, briefcase, or other everyday item that you bring with you wherever you go. Locksmith alpine ca

Ensure that you are locked out

This is one solution that is almost as classic as that of “my computer/TV/electrical appliance does not turn on”. There have been instances of such complaints hitting the customer hotline, only to be resolved that the main power switch has not been turned on. The same principle applies to your car — ensure that you are locked out by checking on all doors. Who knows? One of the car doors might not be properly closed, or the central locking mechanism is no longer working well, hence leaving one of the doors unlocked.

The trunk might be your port of entry

The trunk is often overlooked in such a case, especially for those who happen to drive a hatchback. Most of the times, a hatchback vehicle would not separate the trunk from the car’s cabin, and there might be an access point directly from the trunk which will lead to the back seat. Perhaps this could be where you make an entrance and retrieve your car keys.

Remote unlocking service

You have an app on your smartphone that is able to turn on the lights and even boil the kettle at your home before you arrive, and all of these are done remotely. Where vehicles are concerned, there are services such as Onstar that will be able to offer remote unlocking. This is especially true with the new breed of cars, just make sure that your coverage is in force. Alpine ca locksmith

Attempt to open the car yourself

If all of the above mentioned does not apply, it is time for a little bit of MacGyver creativity. A string with a small diameter such as shoelaces might be able to slip between the car door and the frame. This method is effective only on cars that have post locks as you slide the string in between the frame and the door. Try to catch the loop around the lock, and if successful, pull the lock upwards.

Otherwise, a coat hanger might come in handy. The hanger will need to be disassembled, rendering it useless to hang your Hugo Boss coat, but getting in your car is the more pressing matter at the moment. Basically, you need to bend the hanger’s hook to a “V” shape, slipping the rest of the hanger in between the door and the door frame with the “V” shape plunged headlong. From there, make an attempt to hook the post lock and pull it towards upwards in your direction. Alpine CA

Call a locksmith

If all else fails, call a locksmith in Carmichael to help you out of this jam. It would make perfect sense to have the contact number of a 24 hour locksmith in Carmichael in your smartphone just in case the unexpected happens, such as locking yourself out from your car. The Low Rate Locksmith ought to be a good bet, and they should be informed of the make and model year of your ride before he/she arrives with the relevant tools in order to free you from this parking lot embarrassment. The Low Rate Locksmith might be your last resort, but it is also your best bet in ensuring that your car is not damaged through your own DIY attempts.






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