About velocityship

At VelocityShip, we are the perfect fulfillment partner. We are there through everything so that you can successfully execute your strategy. Since our software integrates B2C and B2B, you will have no troubles. We are EDI compliant and offer multi-retailer support and various shipping options.

Pick and Pack. Along with our top accuracy, we have the ability to fill up to 10,000 orders everyday. With our company, you only pay for the services that you use, so your only costs come from the number of items that are picked and packed. Bulk Processing. To ease the fulfillment process, our software deals with bulk processing. This lets you process multiple orders very fast and without mistakes, which makes B2B fulfillment simple.

Special Projects. Besides normal tasks, your company may require special projects from time to time. For instance, your boss may need inventory counted, products labeled, or different jobs. Thanks to our experienced team, nothing is out of the question.

Cutting-Edge Software. Besides saving you time and money, we deliver cutting-edge technology. With our software, which contains automated support and bundling abilities, we help you track your inventory and fulfillment without worries.

Intelligent Storage. To keep things organised, our storage system strategically arranges your inventory. Since we only charge for daily storage, your costs are cut by only paying for the days that your items are kept in our secure warehouse.

Individual Attention. To make things easy for new and existing clients, we assign individual Happiness Engineers. These staff members address questions and concerns so that all shipping issues are resolved.

Subscription Box Fulfillment

After your products are sold, it is essential that they are sent fast and efficiently so that customer satisfaction is maximised. At VelocityShip, we deliver reliable fulfillment services for all types of companies. No matter the size of your business, our software will organise your inventory, orders, and shipping.

Ecommerce Fulfillment

At VelocityShip, we believe that every product is important. We strive to deliver services without any loss or damage to your inventory.

Optimised Eccomerce Packaging. Shipping can be costly. However, we work with your current provider and work out discounts that save you money.

Eccomerce Package Consolidation. When you group multiple items into the same package, it saves shipping costs. To lower monthly shipping fees, VelocityShip helps to maximise the efficiency of packing.

Custom Package Design and Development. To lower shipping claims for damaged goods, we test various boxes and tapes. This keeps products safe and protected.

Inventory Management and Storage

You will receive notifications so that you never need to guess when your inventory must be replenished. All of your items are securely stored and monitored, and they are bar-coded so that recovery is quick and accurate. Also, we make sure that your products are delivered and handled with care until they are placed in the warehouse.


VelocityShip is a third-party logistics provider that is focused on technology. This allows us to deliver unmatched fulfillment services. Our systems and processes are automated so that clients receive an affordable solution that creates a top buying experience for their customers. We are constantly updating our services so that efficiency is maximised. We configure our warehouse so that handling and freight are perfected as well.

For more information velocityship, visit : Velocityship Fulfillment company.


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