Things to do in Entebbe

Entebbe town has got a variety of interesting sceneries and waters of Lake Victoria almost surrounding the whole town to make your visit to Uganda a memorable one. Entebbe town has a very interesting history.

You can visit places like;

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC)

In UWEC you get see beautiful animals rescued from and learn about the Uganda Wildlife Education Center, This sanctuary has three ecosystems for rehabilitating different animals. It was opened way back in 1952 by colonialists, and this sanctuary rehabilitates chimpanzees, cheetahs, baby elephants and primates like varvet monkeys, plus avian species like giant kingfishers and African eagles. This center has a herbarium with approximately 250 plant species commonly found in most Ugandan homes. Teaching on their medicinal properties, UWEC justifies the African wildlife education and gives other services like on site accommodation for business conferences.

Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Have yourself relaxed for leisure and beautiful evergreen sceneries at Entebbe Botanical Gardens the oldest botanical gardens in Uganda, A clear view to Lake Victoria with a variety sections such as eagle owls, view of hornbills, marabou storks and a rainforest zone where they shot the first ‘Tarzan’ movie and long tailed cormorant on the shores of the lake. Watch Squirrels, varvet monkeys and black and colobus monkeys in the trees neighboring the lake. Have a glance at pretty birds such as red chased sun bird and orange tufted.

Visiting Sesse Islands

Discover the Sesse Island in Lake Victoria, get to see water surrounding you from either sides yet standing on a dry land, how breathtaking this sounds. Beautiful islands counting to 80 small landmasses surrounded by lake Victoria, These Islands have got different water activities like swimming in safer sites because the lake has dangerous animals such as crocodile and hippos, can go fishing. And explore off water and go trekking in the forests, tasty our tradition yummy foods from the restaurant. Watch the sunset at Sesse island, take a picture of the beautiful climate color the sun creates when setting at the lake shores.

Visit the reptile Village

The reptile Village was established in 2003, and now it protects approximately 50 critters signifying some of 20 species such as cobras, skinks, boom slangs, tortoises and monitor lizards. And here you can always take a very close glance at very dangerous reptiles like crocodiles, deadly snakes, chameleons and Lizards and the most poisonous snake in African ‘Gabon Viper’. Experience pythons and chameleons just in your hands only at Reptile Village Entebbe. This conservation is for rare reptiles. Want to have a visit to this historical site.

Entebbe Golf Club

Funs of Golf and players, Entebbe Golf Club is the most beautiful and calm golf course with the great History of way back in 19th century. You may carry your own gear if you wand but rental gears are always available on site. Their restaurant has a record in serving the best traditional fish specialties.

Things to do in Jinja

Jinja has got many amazing activities to make your Safari or Vacation a memorable one. You can do activities like River rifting and tubing, Stand up and paddle boating on the River Nile, Kayaking and Canoeing, Boat tours, Source of the Nile Speke monument (Historic site) and visit the Itanda water falls, Griffin falls, enjoy ATV,,4WD and off road tours, Nature and wild tours, Horseback riding tours, visiting the Nile reptile park and get lto see amazing tortoises, visiting game and entertainment center, Adrenaline and extreme tours, source of the Nile museum, Bars and clubs, Gift and specialty shops. Just imagine how fun this is.
You can’t afford to miss out this fun.

Author Byline

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