Different online shopping portals

The e-commerce flourishing has facilitated numerous businesses succeed. In the age of digitization, where shopping is made handy with simply clicking a key, there are abundant opportunities lying for budding businesspersons. Therefore, opening a new business in the messy online market can be mind confusing a lot of times. There are some steps to be followed to start an online business. E-commerce is flourishing in India and thanks to shopping portals such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Snap Deal that has transformed the online shopping experience for Indian customers. Simply do flipkart registration on their website to buy or sell.

New modes like same day delivery or cash on delivery supported by lower costs has encouraged more purchasers to buy online, making Flipkart India’s biggest electronic store. During the financial year 2013-14 Flipkart sold stock worth over 1 Billion USD and has a client base of more than 2.5 crore registered customers. Flipkart at present despatches above 50 lakhs consignments every month and produces above 80 lakh everyday page visits. Hence, there is wonderful business opportunity for those who advertise on Flipkart by visiting flipkart seller portal. One can even become a Flipkart merchant and trade on Flipkart.

You don’t have to search for real estate, and bargain with agents. After the required papers are ready, you can have your amazon seller registration up and running instantly. Open your sellers account. Get going by registration at Amazon website. Simply go to the services site and go on Registration. A simple form will come up, requesting you to insert your business info like the business name, Tax registration number and more. On your mobile number an OTP will be sent and by verifying the same, you will get a step nearer to open your own web store.

Whether you earn to make some additional bucks, clear out some surplus things from inside the home, or just open a business, it’s simple to begin selling on selling on eBay. Prior to you begin selling, you’ll require to create an eBay account. If you don’t by now have one, you’ll require to sign up. You may decide between a business account and personal account.

If you plan to casually sell, like marketing items you no longer require or desire, a personal account is the great option. Create a business account if you wish to sell huge quantities, or have things that you have made or purchased for reselling.

The e-commerce boom has helped several businesses flourish. Blubox.in, founded by the husband-wife duo of Harish and DiptiSingla, is one such venture. Started in August 2012, the startup helps businesses sell their goods via marketplaces.



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